Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect

Price: $120.00

The Luxxio Ultimate Wheel Kit: Clean + Protect brings 2 of Luxxios top products together to significantly make the wheel cleaning exercise far easier, quicker and more enjoyable.


2x 500ML Bottles of Luxxio's Agent X - Wheel cleaner.

1x 500ML Bottle of Luxxio's Speedy Coating.

1x Wheel Clean Sponge

1x Wheel Speedy Sponge

1x Wheel All Purpose Microfibre for Drying


Luxxio’s ‘Agent X’ - Brake Dust, Iron Remover is a fast-acting Iron dissolver, designed specifically for Brake Dust while also being safe on all surfaces due to its pH-neutral properties.

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Luxxio’s Speedy Coating creates that eye-catching, detailed finish to exterior surfaces. Adding shineprotection and a hydrophobic layer with little effort and maximum results.

Paint: Decrease water spotting and increase water repellency, meaning a cleaner surface for longer.

Glass: Increase visibility during rain on your windscreen as speedy coating creates amazing water beading while driving.

Wheels: Applying Speedy Coating to wheels decreasing dirt, iron and grime build up. Rain and puddles help self-clean the wheels.

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